“Smartest man I have ever met.  We worked togehter back in 2000, and I still find myself calling him for advice.”
 -- Austin Norfleet (Jan 13, 2004)

“Cyrus is a remarkably intelligent person.  He has boundless energy and passion for what he does.  He is always challenging and pushing to take every piece of work to another level.  I would be thrilled to work for or with Cyrus again.”
 -- Seth Maloff (Oct 30, 2007)

“I met Cyrus as a Noogler when he presented the "Google Enterprise" philosophy.  They picked a great ambassador: from that first moment, I was impressed.  Product Managers (PM) are the core foundation of Google's success.  They communicate our engineer's genius in an organized, easy to understand language to the rest of the Google organization and the world.  Cyrus is one of the best we have.  PMs are highly desired, and tend to orbit around different important projects.  Cyrus is able to focus on the most mission critical assignments, and also at times sit down with the team and literally become one with the team.  He will say, "Ok, let's talk about this over lunch... let me look at this forecast.  Here's what is going on with the product roadmap.  I'll get those calculations for you, it's ok, you can take the credit, this is important and it needs to be done."  In addition, he is a quick thinker, and a great strategist/philosopher, giving advice to different teams on product potential and market conditions.  Cyrus is already doing great things for Google, and it is just a matter of time before "Cyrus Mistry" starts building a Google-like brand of its own.”
 -- Richard Wan (Feb 3, 2008)

“Cyrus is a charismatic and talented product manager.  He possesses the rare combination of technical competence and business acumen that allow him to win respect and mindshare from engineers, marketing, sales, and support.  And when he pitches Google products in customer meetings or at events, he energizes even the most skeptical members of an audience.”
 -- Ryan Pollock (Apr 22, 2008)

“Out of the many product managers I have worked with at Google, Cyrus is one of the best.  Just by working with him for a few minutes it is clear that he has experience in both business and technical development.  Drawing upon his background he can design, prioritize, and analyze products and markets in a way that satisfies both business and engineering organizations. His rare talent is an asset to any team he works with.”
 -- Chris Iremonger (Jun 7, 2008)

“If you have the good fortune of working with Cyrus Mistry in your organization, know that you're in the company of a star.  From personal experience, I've witnessed Cyrus enter a situation cold, instantly navigate his way through all available resources, while simultaneously becoming the official resource.  I've seen him adapt to radical changes, and neither his work nor his affable personality suffers the slightest degradation.  It doesn't matter what the project is, Cyrus can handle it.  He is inspirational, the epitome of a scholar and gentleman, a true mensch.”
 -- Jim Rizza (Dec 18, 2008)

“Cyrus was one of the most exceptional managers at The Walt Disney Company.  His keen intellect combined with his open, personable style made him an important contributor to many team efforts.  His insight, advice, and spirit should prove extremely valuable to any organization.”
 -- Chuck Masick (Jul 28, 2009)

“Cyrus is a talented product manager who demonstrates a strong ability to understand key dependencies across many different functional groups that he works with both internally at Google, as well as externally with customers/partners.  Even though his role as a product manager allows him to lead and set direction for the team, he is very much a team player and is genuinely interested in brainstorming/solving problems together to come up with win-win solutions, rather than just doing what is best for himself.  Despite his hectic schedule, Cyrus has always made time to meet with me or with cross-functional teams whenever product management guidance is needed.  Cyrus is also a very eloquent and charismatic presenter who has the ability to capture the audience's attention and explain his ideas in a way that connects well with both technical and non-technical members of the audience.  Cyrus is a valuable team contributor and leader whom I would highly recommend working with if you ever have the opportunity!”
 -- Lorine Chin (Apr 18, 2010)


"Cyloo!! What can I say about my big brother? You are always looking out for your little sister, aside from the first 18 years of torture and torment! Cyrus is one of those people that has a magnetic personality and makes friends instantly! Of course, if someone is clapping at an inappropriate time, at an inappropriate place, rest assured, it's Cyrus. Love you, Cy :)"
 -- Zareen Mistry (Dec 17, 2003)

"Cyloo, cyloo where do I begin? You are truly the most...unique...person I have  ever known.  Your generosity is unparalleled...you give freely without any hesitation or thought of compensation. Your odd cyrus-isms have made an impression on every person ever within a square mile of you. You somehow manage to be the eccentric genius, the crazy party animal, and the compassionate friend all rolled into one. You come dangerously close to disproving the statement "you can't please all the people all the time."   It's no surprise that you have touched and enriched the lives of so many."
 -- Diana Engineer (Jan 04, 2004)

"Cyrus is like a real-life cartoon character with A.D.D. and addicted to speed. His undying energy, many talents and zeal for life have made him very sucessful at a young age, and the life of every party he graces.  With fingers like Yanni, a brain like Einstein and the heart of Mother Teresa...Cyrus makes a great friend (and someone to mooch off of!!)"
 -- Neville Medhora (Jan 09, 2004)

"If there were ever a guy to make someone feel loved, it is Cyrus Mistry. The atmosphere just changes when he is around. You want scream and at the same time listen. He makes you look at life at a different perspective and see it from a differnt view other than your own. He'll challenge your fears and make you release you inner most desires...some which you didn't even know you had. I don't mean sexual desires you freak, I mean just make us get to understand ourselves and our passions better. Why are you good to me? People like him are SO hard to find. He turned me into a princess and let all of south beach think just that...um seriously. You make fairy-tales and pixie dust come alive.  Someday your real princess will come."
 -- Lillian Bharucha (Jan 21, 2004)

"Cyrus knows everything about everything -- even D&G gym wear and Versace jeans - go on just ask him! But under his D&G undershirt he has the biggest heart and thats what makes him so sweet:) Spastic but sweet :)"
 -- Farrah Elavia (Feb 08, 2004)

"Where does one begin when writing a testimonial for Cyrus? If you ever had any contact with Cyrus I'm sure you were exposed to the clapping, pinching, and high pitched noise sessions. Cyrus is also famous for the several sayings already mentioned by Chinoy boy. One thing is for sure, you'll never stop laughing when you're around Cy!! On the serious side of things, Cy is probably one of the most brilliant people I know. His many accomplishments speak volumes about his work ethic.  Oh, cookie!"
 -- Nina Deboo (Feb 10, 2004)

"I've known Cyrus for six  years now and he's never let me down as a true friend (well, except that one time ... ) Always there to lend an ear and help out in any way he can, his dedication to me and all his friends never fails to impress me. If you don't know Cyrus, make sure to drop him a line ... And despite the billions of dollars of storm damage and constant gale force winds he continues to tough it out in Florida. Yep, Cyrus is definitely crazy, but, don't let the "Goofy" exterior fool you, he also does a great Mini Mouse ;)"
 -- Jim Singh (Sep 04, 2004)

"I've known Cyrus Mistry since the day he was born.  He is not only a genious and helpful but also lovable to everyone who knows him."
 -- Behroz Ghandhi (Jan 15, 2011)